SP weight bearing
          SP with rod
          KSM weight bearing
          KSM with screw
          IKN with IKN with screw down
          UK IKB
          D refined with screw
          SI SD
          Hexagon with rod
          KSF damping
          IS weight bearing
          IA refined
          FC high-end dustproof
          Non-standard customization
          All plastic
        Xinghua Zhongnuo Universal Ball Factory is A machinery and industrial equipment business. Main universal ball, in Xinghua City, Jiangsu, China, Zhang Guo Tang Liu Industrial Park.
Our factory is the domestic manufacturers of a production series of universal ball. Products scroll flexible, attractive appearance, and has reached the standard of similar products in Europe and America. Our products are mainly: the universal ball (supporting) series (common name: universal ball, universal conveyor ball, universal ball, ball round, bull's-eye round, etc.)......

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